UT Dallas 2012 Undergraduate Catalog

UNIV1010 - Freshman Seminar

UNIV 1010 Freshman Seminar (0 semester hours) This course is a graduation requirement for all first time in college freshman. This course is designed to introduce incoming freshmen to the intellectual and cultural environment of the university and the impacts it will have on their lives as students. The course incorporates presentations by leading UT Dallas faculty members on research developments of major current interest, small section meetings to discuss these presentations and matters of general concern to UT Dallas freshmen, and a substantial component of on-line learning focused on developing the strategies and tactics that will lead to successful careers at UT Dallas and beyond. This class or ECS 1200 is required of all first time in college freshman students. Credit/No Credit only. Corequisite: ARHM 1100 or BA 1100 or BIS 1100 or CGS 1100 or CLDP 1100 or EPPS 1110 or NATS 1101 or NSC 1100 or PSY 1100 or SPAU 1100 or UNIV 1100. (2-0) Y