UT Dallas 2012 Undergraduate Catalog

List of Academic Policies and Procedures

Academic Advising
Academic Grievances
Academic Progress
Dean's List
Grade Changes
Grade Point Average
Grading Scale
Incomplete Grades (I)
Mid-Term Grades
Non-attending Failure Grades (NF)
Scholastic Status
Transfer Credit
Admission Policies
Credit by Examination (AP-CLEP-IB-SAT)
Criminal Background Check
Texas Success Initiative (TSI)
Enrollment into Developmental Education
Placement into Developmental Education Courses
Provisions for Transferring Students
Course Policies
Auditing Courses
Course Load
Course Numbering System
Credit/No Credit Classes
Independent Study
Internship Program
Repeating Course Work
Degree Plans
Change of Major
Deadlines and Fees
Declaring a Major
Double Major and Double Degree
Disciplinary Actions
Academic Good Standing
Disciplinary Status Overview
Academic Probation
Academic Warning
Academic Departure
Academic Suspension
Changing Majors
Graduate Courses
Graduate Courses Applied Toward an Undergraduate Degree
Graduate Courses for Possible Future Use as Graduate Credit
Graduate Courses Taken in Fast Track Options
Application for Graduation
Graduation Ceremonies
Graduation with Honors
Graduation Under a Particular Catalog
Graduation Requirements
International Education
Study Abroad
Exchange Program
Independent Studies
Faculty Led Programs
Eligibility and Conditions
Financial Assistance
Official Transcripts
Travel Warnings
Administrative Drop
Auditing a Class
Classification of Students
Concurrent Enrollment Tuition
Dates for Registration
Deadlines for Adding or Dropping a Class
Dropping and Withdrawing
Drop Appeal Procedures
In Absentia Registration
Non-academic Withdrawals
Visiting UT System Students Program
Withdrawal/Resignation from the University
Military Service Activation Interruption of Education
Military Training Awarded as Academic Course Credit
Option to Remain Enrolled and Complete Coursework Following Brief Military Service
Option to Withdraw, Receive Incomplete Grade, or Receive Final Grade
Option for Automatic Readmission Following Military Service
Other Policies
Change of Address, Email or Name
Correspondence - Email
Religious Holy Days
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