UT Dallas 2012 Undergraduate Catalog

Healthcare Management

HMGT 3311 Healthcare Accounting (3 semester hours) This course will help students develop the critical ability to make financial decisions that reduce risk and create economic value. Using hospital and physician group practice data, participants learn how to: read and interpret healthcare financial statements, using discounted cash flows to make investment decisions that create economic value, financially evaluate a proposed healthcare acquisition, partnership or joint venture, determine how much a medical practice or healthcare organization is really worth, and review internal controls. Prerequisites: ACCT 2301 (3-0) Y

HMGT 4301 Introduction to Healthcare Management (3 semester hours) An overview of the U.S. healthcare system - topics include the issues of cost, quality, and access. Financing of the system and healthcare policy will be covered and the role of hospitals, physicians, and managed care organizations will be examined. Prerequisite: MATH 1325 or MATH 2413 or MATH 2417. (3-0) Y

HMGT 4321 Introduction to Healthcare Information Systems (3 semester hours) Examines key processes in healthcare organizations and how information systems support the delivery of healthcare services. The course also deals with issues surrounding the selection, implementation, and use of electronic medical records (EMR) and provides opportunities to work hands-on with EMR software. Prerequisites: HMGT 4301 and MIS 3300. (Same as MIS 4320) (3-0) Y

HMGT 4331 Marketing in Healthcare Organizations (3 semester hours) An overview of marketing & business planning principles oriented to settings such as hospitals and outpatient clinics. Traditional marketing models are related to the healthcare industry as students are familiarized with concepts critical to understanding business development for healthcare professionals, including: industry data, market analysis, relevant stakeholders and patient flow through the continuum of care. Prerequisites: HMGT 4301 and MKT 3300. (3-0) Y

HMGT 4341 Human Resources Management in Healthcare Organizations (3 semester hours) An introduction to the employee life cycle in healthcare organizations, including: recruitment, candidate selection, credentialing, record retention, performance management, staff retention, disciplinary action and termination. Students will explore topics pertinent to the management and development of staff and will be familiarized with federal legislation commonly encountered in human resources, including: NLRA, OSHA, EEOA, ERISA and FLSA. Prerequisites: HMGT 4301 and OBHR 3310. (3-0) Y

HMGT 4351 Management, Design and Optimization of Healthcare Processes (3 semester hours) An interactive, experiential course in which students will utilize hands-on, practice-oriented opportunities to learn how to design, manage and optimize healthcare processes. Advanced analytical techniques for healthcare process optimization will also be discussed. (3-0) Y

HMGT 4v90 Management Internship (1-3 semester hours) This course is designed to further develop a student's business knowledge through appropriate developmental work experiences in a real business environment. Students are required to identify and submit specific business learning objectives (goals) at the beginning of the semester. At the end of the semester students must prepare an oral presentation, reflecting on the knowledge gained in the work experience. Student performance is evaluated by the work supervisor. May be repeated for credit (6 hours maximum). Credit/No Credit. ([1-3]-0) S