UT Dallas 2012 Undergraduate Catalog

HIST4339 - Berlin: History of a City

HIST 4339 Berlin: History of a City (3 semester hours) This course will explore issues of industrialization, urban renewal and planning, space, class, and migration in addition to looking at key factors such as class, gender, ethnicity, consumer cultures, crime, and the representations of the city in literature, art, and film. The course will focus on major events and conflicts that have left their mark on the city, such as the rise of the modern metropolis, economic depressions and social unrest, the two World Wars, Nazism and the Holocaust, and the Cold War and its aftermath. Prerequisite: HIST 1301 or HIST 1302 or HIST 2301 or HIST 2330 or HIST 2331 or equivalent. (3-0) T