UT Dallas 2012 Undergraduate Catalog

CS4392 - Computer Animation

CS 4392 Computer Animation (3 semester hours) Introduction to traditional animation. Kinematics of motion. Key framing. Coordinate systems and transformations (review), Euler angles and Quaternions, Catmull Rom and B-Splines, Advanced Key framing, articulated figures (forward kinematics), human and animal modeling (soft tissue, skin, etc.). Facial animation (parametric). Physically based modeling (rigid, collision detection). Physically based modeling (deformable). Behavioral and heuristic models. Algorithmic animation. Optimization techniques. Animation languages and systems. Motion capture and real time control. Virtual reality and animation. Rendering and temporal aliasing. 2D and 3D morphing. 3D modeling. Prerequisites: MATH 2418 and (CE 3345 or CS 3345 or SE 3345 or TE 3345 or equivalent). (3-0) Y