UT Dallas 2012 Undergraduate Catalog

BIOL3v20 - General Microbiology with Lab

BIOL 3v20 General Microbiology with Lab (4-5 semester hours) Majors course in general microbiology. Lectures include topics recommended by the Education Division of the American Society for Microbiology: microbial structure, diversity, growth and growth control, metabolism, genetics, and gene regulation. Among additional topics covered are virology, immunology and microbial diseases (plant and animal) including epidemiology, transmission, and host-microbe interactions. The laboratory focuses on developing laboratory skills in classical microbiology by the individual student. Exercises include various staining and pure culture techniques, biochemical and other in vitro testing, as well as isolation and identification of unknown organisms. Prerequisites: (BIOL 2281 and BIOL 2311 and BIOL 2312 or their equivalents) and CHEM 2323. (2-[2-3]) Y