UT Dallas 2012 Undergraduate Catalog

Naveen Jindal School of Management

Bachelor of Science in Global Business

Degree Requirements (120 hours)

A minimum of 9 credit hours must be earned during a semester of study abroad. Any 9 credit hours from the degree plan may be chosen, however, students should be aware that study abroad courses are subject to a pre-approval process to ensure transferability.

I. Core Curriculum Requirements1: 42 hours

Communication (6 hours)

3 hours Communication (RHET 1302)

3 hours Communication Elective (BCOM 3311)

Social and Behavioral Sciences (15 hours)

6 hours Government (GOVT 2301 and GOVT 2302)

6 hours American History

3 hours Social and Behavioral Science Elective (ECON 2301)

Humanities and Fine Arts (6 hours)

3 hours Fine Arts (ARTS 1301)

3 hours Humanities (HUMA 1301)

Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning: (6 hours)

6 hours Calculus (MATH 1325 and MATH 1326)

Science (9 hours including at least one course with a substantial laboratory component)

II. Major Requirements: 72 hours

Major Preparatory Courses (18 hours)

ACCT 23012 Introductory Financial Accounting

ACCT 23022 Introductory Management Accounting

BLAW 23012 Business and Public Law

ECON 23012 Principles of Macroeconomics3

ECON 23022 Principles of Microeconomics

MATH 13252 Applied Calculus I3, 4

MATH 13262 Applied Calculus II3, 4

OPRE 33332 Quantitative Business Analysis

or MATH 23332 Matrices, Vectors, and Their Application5

STAT 3360 Probability and Statistics for Management and Economics

or OPRE 3360 Managerial Decision Making under Uncertainty

Major Core Courses (25 hours)

IMS 3100 Professional Development

BCOM 3311 Business Communications3

BCOM 4350 Advanced Business Communications

FIN 3320 Business Finance

MIS 3300 Introduction to Management Information Systems

OPRE 3310 Operations Management

OBHR 3310 Organizational Behavior

MKT 3300 Principles of Marketing

BPS 4305 Strategic Management

IMS 3310 International Business

Major Related Courses (18 hours)

IMS 4320 International Marketing

FIN 3380 International Finance Management

IMS 4330 Global Human Resource Management

IMS 4373 Global Strategy

Six credit hours of the same foreign language.

Guided Electives (11 hours)

Nine hours to be selected from IMS 4310, ENTP 4311, OBHR 4310, OBHR 4352, FIN 3350, OPRE 3320, IMS 4320, IMS 4334, IMS 3V9x series, IMS 4325, IMS 4V90, OPRE 4350, BA 4199, BA 4299, GEOG 3370, ECON 4366.

Students interested in an International Political Economy Track may choose from the following:

ISSS 3349 World Resources and Development

ISSS 4358 National and International Security

GEOG 3372 Population and Development

PSCI 4356 International Political Economy

PSCI 4329 Global Politics

PSCI 4347 The War on Drugs

PSCI 4348 Terrorism

GEOG 3359 Human Migration and Mobility: Global Patterns

ISSS 4377 Alternative Approaches to National Security

PSCI 4360 The Political Economy of Multinational Corporations

PSCI 4359 Globalization and International Conflict

PSCI 4332 Latin American Politics

SOC 3336 Culture Regions

GEOG 3382 Russia: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

SOC 3338 Japanese Culture and Society

III. Elective Requirements: 6 hours

Advanced Electives (6 hours)

All students are required to take at least six hours of advanced electives outside their major field of study. These must be either upper-division classes or lower-division classes that have prerequisites. This may be satisfied by six hours of the same foreign language (Three credit hours may be chosen from BCOM 3320, BCOM 3321, BCOM 3322, or BCOM 3323).

Free Electives (6 hours)

Both lower- and upper-division courses may count as electives but students must complete at least 51 hours of upper-division credit to qualify for graduation. JSOM freshman are required to take BA 1100 Business Basics.

1. Curriculum Requirements can be fulfilled by other approved courses from accredited institutions of higher education. The courses listed in parentheses are recommended as the most efficient way to satisfy both Core Curriculum and Major Requirements at UT Dallas.

2. Indicates a prerequisite class to be completed before enrolling for upper-division classes.

3. A required Major course that also fulfills a Core Curriculum requirement. Hours are counted in Core Curriculum.

4. Students may elect to substitute MATH 2413 and MATH 2414 or MATH 2417 and MATH 2419.

5. Students may substitute MATH 2418 or CS 2305.

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