UT Dallas 2012 Undergraduate Catalog


FIN 3100 Professional Development (1 semester hour) This course is required for all students majoring in Finance in the Naveen Jindal School of Management. This course is designed to enhance the student's experience in the Naveen Jindal School of Management. Students will work on networking skills, verbal and written communication skills, business etiquette training, and learn how to increase their human capital. Students will also work on projects geared towards career management and overall professional development as a business major. The goal of this class is to make the student a more marketable and valuable professional to the global economy. Students will learn and attend class using hybrid system of online training and on campus training. Only one professional development course (credit) may be applied toward your degree plan. Not repeated for credit. (1-0) S

FIN 3300 Personal Finance (3 semester hours) This course is designed to help students prepare for a financially challenging world and to introduce the concepts and methods of personal financial planning. The financial planning process, the time value of money, taxation, credit, budgeting, housing, insurance, and employee benefits will be explored. The course will enable students to manage their finances and develop their own personal financial plans. (3-0) S

FIN 3305 Real Estate Principles (3 semester hours) Survey of various aspects of the real estate business and economics, including marketing, finance, taxation, investment, development, law, appraisal, and valuation. (Same as REAL 3305) (3-0) S

FIN 3320 Business Finance (3 semester hours) Introduction to financial decision making and the valuation of business enterprises, with a particularly focus on the use of discounted cash flow techniques in the selection of capital investment projects. Additional topics include financial planning, exchange rates, risk and return trade-offs in financial markets, financing decisions and dividend policy. Prerequisite or corequisite: (STAT 3360 or OPRE 3360) and Prerequisites: (ACCT 2301 and ACCT 2302 and MATH 1326) and (MATH 2333 or OPRE 3333), and MIS 3300. (3-0) S

FIN 3330 Personal Financial Planning (3 semester hours) Application of principles of financial management to lifetime consumption and retirement planning, with an emphasis on the integration of savings and investment decisions with life insurance programs and estate planning. Topics include the role of property, health, life insurance; tax-deferred investment vehicles, as well as fixed income and equity investment alternatives such as mutual funds. Open only to students majoring in either finance or accounting. Prerequisites: ACCT 2301 and MATH 1326 and (MATH 2333 or OPRE 3333), and (STAT 3360 or OPRE 3360). (3-0) S

FIN 3340 Regulation of Business and Financial Markets (3 semester hours) Examines the legal and regulatory environment of business and financial markets. Comparisons between the impact of laws and their original intent are considered, as well as their ethical dimensions. Prerequisite or corequisite: FIN 3320. (3-0) S

FIN 3350 Financial Markets and Institutions (3 semester hours) Examines the operation of financial markets and financial intermediaries, along with their role in providing financing to the public and private sectors. Topics covered include the banking system, markets for short-term securities, financial derivatives, and market for foreign exchange. Prerequisite or corequisite: FIN 3320. (3-0) Y

FIN 3360 Entrepreneurial Finance (3 semester hours) Explores the process of raising capital and managing financial resources in entrepreneurial ventures. Focus on forecasting cash flows, cash flow management, capital budgeting, valuation, capital structure and the various financing methods and mechanisms available to entrepreneurs (bootstrapping, angel investors, venture capitalists, IPOs) seeking to raise capital for a new venture. Prerequisite: FIN 3320. (Same as ENTP 3360) (3-0) Y

FIN 3365 Real Estate Finance and Advanced Principles (3 semester hours) Survey of the institutions in real estate finance and factors affecting the flow of funds; investment analysis and procedures involved in real estate financing. Prerequisite: FIN 3320. (Same as REAL 3365) (3-0) S

FIN 3370 Insurance and Risk Management (3 semester hours) Study of insurance products and associated risk management issues. Prerequisite: FIN 3320. (3-0) Y

FIN 3380 International Financial Management (3 semester hours) Study of world financial markets and institutions, foreign exchange exposure and management, foreign direct investment, and issues of financial management of multinational firms. Prerequisite: FIN 3320. (3-0) Y

FIN 3390 Introduction to Financial Modeling (3 semester hours) Develops the ability to use quantitative methods and software (particularly spreadsheet) for financial decision making. Prerequisites: (MATH 2333 or OPRE 3333) and (STAT 3360 or OPRE 3360), and FIN 3320. (3-1) S

FIN 4300 Investment Management (3 semester hours) Examines a wide range of issues concerning management of investments and so provides an understanding of the role of modern financial theory in pricing financial assets and managing portfolios. Prerequisite: FIN 3320 and (prerequisite or corequisite: FIN 3390). (3-0) S

FIN 4310 Intermediate Business Finance (3 semester hours) Builds on FIN 3320 to develop additional topics in business financial decision making. It integrates a variety of advanced topics in developing a firm's financial strategy. Prerequisite: FIN 3320 and (prerequisite or corequisite: FIN 3390). (3-0) S

FIN 4320 Management of Financial Institutions (3 semester hours) Study of the financial management of commercial banks and other financial intermediaries, with an emphasis on the analysis of financial performance, lending decisions, asset-liability management, and the management of institutional capital requirements. Strategic considerations such as evolving information technology, the changing regulatory environment and the impact of global competition in financial services will also be examined. Prerequisite: FIN 3350. (3-0) T

FIN 4321 Real Estate Law and Contracts (3 semester hours) Study of the legal principles governing real estate transactions. Topics include contract law, estates in land, forms of ownership, deeds, mortgages, title insurance, agency and homestead. Prerequisite or corequisite: REAL 3305 or FIN 3305. (Same as REAL 4321) (3-0) Y

FIN 4328 Real Estate Valuation (3 semester hours) This capstone real estate course provides the theory and methods of residential and income property valuation and appraisal. Topics include the three major approaches to appraising real estate, regression analysis, real estate market analysis, highest and best use analysis and capitalization techniques. Income property valuation techniques are emphasized. Several cases and problems are presented and solved. Prerequisites: ((REAL 3305 or FIN 3305) or (REAL 3365 or FIN 3365)) and FIN 3320. (Same as REAL 4328) (3-0) Y

FIN 4330 Estate Planning (3 semester hours) This course provides a basic understanding of the estate and gift tax system, including planning strategies. It addresses the transfer, administration, and taxation of property within the estate planning context. Topics include transfers of property outright or with trusts, wills, and powers of appointment; use of the marital deduction; valuation of assets; and buy-sell agreements. Prerequisites: FIN 3330. (3-0) R

FIN 4335 Financial Aspects of Retirement and Employee Benefits (3 semester hours) This course focuses on business and individual retirement plans, planning strategies to meet individual and client goals as well as retirement distribution strategies. Students will evaluate employer and non-employer benefit plans and use a combination of financial planning software to create retirement plans. Prerequisite: FIN 3330. (3-0) Y

FIN 4340 Options and Futures Markets (3 semester hours) Examines valuation of derivative securities, such as options and futures contracts, and the use of these instruments in managing business and financial risks. Topics include pricing of futures contracts, swaps, and options, and use of derivative instruments in hedging, portfolio insurance, and exotic options. Prerequisite: FIN 4300 or FIN 4310. (3-0) Y

FIN 4345 Financial Information and Trading (3 semester hours) This course examines the sources and uses of financial information in valuing and trading securities, as well as the structure of trading in security markets. Prerequisite: FIN 3390. (3-0) Y

FIN 4350 Cases in Personal Financial Planning (3 semester hours) This course refines skills necessary to help individuals, families, and business owners reach financial goals. Topic areas include investment planning, insurance planning and risk management, income tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning, and employee benefits planning. Students are required to prepare written, comprehensive financial plans and to present them orally. Prerequisite or corequisite: FIN 4330 or instructor consent required. (3-0) R

FIN 4360 Cases in Financial Management (3 semester hours) This course uses case studies to study different financial management issues. Prerequisite or corequisite: FIN 4310 or instructor consent required. (3-0) R

FIN 4380 Domestic Fund Management (3 semester hours) For students involved in the practice of investment management for the university. This course requires faculty consent and may be repeated for credit (6 hours maximum). Prerequisite: FIN 4300. (3-0) R

FIN 4390 Seminar Series in Finance (3 semester hours) Examination of selected financial topics. Requires approval of the instructor. May be repeated for credit as topics vary (6 hours maximum). (3-0) R

FIN 4399 Senior Honors in Finance (3 semester hours) For students conducting independent research for honors theses or projects. Requires faculty sponsor approval. (3-0) R

FIN 4v80 Practicum in Finance (1-3 semester hours) For students engaged in the practice of financial analysis or management. Requires approval of undergraduate program director. May be repeated for credit (3 hours maximum). Credit/No Credit. ([1-3]-0) R

FIN 4v90 Individual Study in Finance (1-3 semester hours) For students interested in pursuing further study of a topic in finance. This course requires faculty sponsor approval and completion of either FIN 4300 or FIN 4310. In addition, it may be repeated for credit up to a maximum of 3 hours. ([1-3]-0) R