UT Dallas 2012 Undergraduate Catalog

Interdisciplinary Studies - Economics, Political and Policy Sciences

ISSS 3349 World Resources and Development (3 semester hours) Analysis of resource mobilization, technological changes and economic development from a multidisciplinary perspective. Primary focus on the problems of the less-developed countries. Topics include technology transfer, industrialization strategy, education policy, population growth, nutrition and foreign aid. (3-0) R

ISSS 4301 Political Economy of Latin America (3 semester hours) This course focuses upon the political economy of the Republic of Panama. Panama is a very diverse country, from the modern, cosmopolitan City of Panama, with its 50-story sky scrapers, to sparsely populated vast regions in the Province of Darien. The importance of Panama to international political economy is of high magnitude to the "funnel for world commerce," the Panama Canal. Panama has existed as an independent country since 1903 when the U.S. aided political interests in Panama that wanted independence from Colombia, which would not grant concessions desired by the U.S. if it constructed the Canal. Run by the Panamanian government following the Torrijos-Carter treaties of 1977 that specified that by December 31, 1999, the Canal and lands comprising the Panama Canal Zone, home to U.S. military bases and civilian employees of the U.S. Panama Canal Company, would revert to Panamanian control. (3-0) R

ISSS 4320 Social Entrepreneurship (3 semester hours) This course is about providing those interested in entrepreneurial ventures with primarily a social focus with the skills and knowledge necessary to accomplish their goals. The course will be seminar style and require a practicum. Topics include entrepreneurship in the nonprofit sector, entrepreneurship in political campaigns, new public management and the role of entrepreneurship in government and public services, urban planning, and geographical information sciences as a tool all entrepreneurs can use in the creation of new opportunities. (3-0) R

ISSS 4358 National and International Security (3 semester hours) Investigates problems associated with national and international security in the post-Cold War world. Includes analysis of the use of military force, nuclear arms, terrorism, international treaties, and the economic dimensions to national security. (3-0) R

ISSS 4359 Science, Technology and Society (3 semester hours) This course explores the relationship between science and democracy, then moves to an analysis of the impact of information technologies, including speculation about advances in artificial intelligence and related advances including robotics, on culture and other human institutions. The impact of biotechnology, advances in medicine and other issues are also explored. The role of ethics in the development and deployment of these technologies will be an important component of the course. Also, the presence of anti-scientific mindsets and prejudices, as manifested by various groups and diverse ideological perspectives, is examined. (3-0) R

ISSS 4377 Alternative Approaches to National Security (3 semester hours) There is a pressing need to reconsider how nations can best achieve security in the face of drastic changes in the international arena in the last decades of the twentieth century. The Cold War has ended, the Soviet Union has collapsed, yet regional conflicts abound, ethnic antagonisms threaten the peace, and international terrorism is still a real danger. At the same time, important progress has been made in arms reduction, international cooperation, and the spread of democracy. In the light of these changes, this course explores a variety of alternatives to the traditional threat or use of massive military force as a means for achieving national and global security. (3-0) R

ISSS 4v86 Special Interdisciplinary Topics in the Social Sciences (1-6 semester hours) Subject matter will vary from semester to semester. May be repeated for credit (9 hours maximum). ([1-6]-0) R

ISSS 4v96 CV Honors Project (1-3 semester hours) Independent study to produce a senior project under the direction of the Collegium V Honors Director. Credit/no credit. ([1-3]-0) R

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