UT Dallas 2024 Graduate Catalog

Harry W. Bass Jr. School of Arts, Humanities, and Technology



The graduate program in History rests on a foundation of advanced, rigorous coursework that introduces students to a variety of historical eras and methodological approaches. Students acquire research, teaching, and communication skills necessary for careers in academia and beyond. Both the MA and PhD programs allow students to produce original historical research in the form of a thesis or substantial dissertation, with mentoring from expert scholars on the graduate faculty. Students may choose a professional option for the MA in History. Notable areas of faculty expertise include the historyof ideas, the history of philosophy, public history, the history of race and gender, the history of religion, and the history of the U.S. South. Geographic Concentrations include: North America, Europe, and East Asia.


Professors: David F. Channell, Pamela Gossin, David A. Patterson, Nils Roemer

Associate Professors: J. Michael Farmer, Kimberly Hill, Monica Rankin, Natalie J. Ring, Eric Schlereth, Whitney Stewart, Michael L. Wilson, Benjamin (Ben) Wright

Assistant Professors: Rosemary Admiral, Anne Gray Fischer, exl230001

Professors Emeriti: Joan Chandler, R. David Edmunds, Stephen G. Rabe

Associate Professors Emeriti: Peter Park, Gerald L. Soliday

Clinical Associate Professor: Jeffrey Schulze

Clinical Assistant Professor: Pia Jakobsson

Research Assistant Professor: Debra Pfister

Master of Arts in History

36 semester credit hours minimum

Coursework: 36 semester credit hours

Major Core Course: 3 semester credit hours

HIST 6301 Historiography1

Electives in History (HIST): 24 semester credit hours

Twenty-four semester credit hours chosen from graduate courses in HIST. Normally no more than six semester credit hours of independent study are applicable to the degree plan.

Elective Course: 3 semester credit hours

Three semester credit hours in any organized course outside of History (HIST) but normally in the Humanities Graduate Program.

Thesis: 6 semester credit hours

Having completed thirty semester credit hours of coursework, students must write and present a thesis in history for evaluation by a master's committee.

HIST 6399 Master's Thesis

Professional Option

Students in the professional option in History must complete thirty-six semester credit hours of coursework, including HIST 6301 and normally all in organized HIST courses. They are not required to complete a thesis or meet a foreign-language requirement, and they receive a terminal degree.

1. Students are expected to complete this course within their first two semesters of enrollment.

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