UT Dallas 2024 Graduate Catalog

Harry W. Bass Jr. School of Arts, Humanities, and Technology

Game Development


The Master of Fine Arts in Game Development is a terminal degree in emerging artistic practices focusing primarily on the creative use and critical investigation of technology in artistic practices. The program is designed for both students wishing to teach arts- and technology-related courses at the college level and for those intending to engage in professional studio or design practice. While maintaining a commitment to interdisciplinary education fusing critical with creative thinking, this program places emphasis on the creation and application of computer-based arts and narrative. Students must complete 54 semester hours of course work, including a thesis project.

Master of Fine Arts in Game Development

54 semester credit hours minimum


Professors: Anne Balsamo, Christine (xtine) Burrough, Paul Fishwick, Roger Malina, Dean Terry, Marilyn Waligore

Associate Professors: Heidi Cooley, Monica Evans, Eric Farrar, Todd Fechter, Sean McComber, Josef Nguyen, Andrew Scott

Assistant Professors: Christine Veras, Hong An Wu

Professor Emeritus: Mihai Nadin

Clinical Professor: Tim Christopher

Required Major Core Courses: 12 semester credit hours

ANGM 6334 Game Production Practices

ANGM 6335 Game Design and Development

ANGM 6342 Experimental Games Studio

ANGM 6356 Anatomy of a Game

Prescribed Electives within Game Development: 15 semester credit hours

Choose five courses from the following courses:

ANGM 6341 Game Production Studio

ANGM 6343 Educational Games Studio

ANGM 6344 Building Virtual Worlds

ANGM 6345 Interactive Narrative

ANGM 6349 Special Topics in Game Development

ANGM 6353 Games, Education, and Simulation

ANGM 6373 Interactive Environments

ATCM 6336 Critical Game Studies

ATCM 6340 Game Production Methods

ATCM 6351 History and Culture of Games

ATCM 6352 Socially Conscious Games

ATCM 6354 Play and Culture

Free Electives: 12 semester credit hours

Twelve semester credit hours of electives in any graduate-level courses.

Final Project: 15 semester credit hours

Completed over two consecutive long semesters after having completed at least 36 semester credit hours of coursework. Public presentation of work required, such as an exhibition, conference presentation, or defense.

ATCM 6399 Master's Thesis

ATCM 6698 Master's Project I

ATCM 6699 Master's Project II

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