UT Dallas 2024 Graduate Catalog

Graduate Policies and Procedures

Academic Record and Official Transcription

Academic Record

A major is defined as an academic discipline or a field of study in a specific subject area, such as mathematics. There will be a set of required and elective courses that need to be taken as part of the major. Other courses may include preparatory or leveling courses.

Three levels of degrees exist: (1) the undergraduate level (the baccalaureate or a bachelor's), (2) the master's level, and (3) the doctoral level. Each degree has a designation such as Arts, Science, or Philosophy, for example, a Bachelor's of Arts (BA), a Master of Science (MS) or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

A degree program comprises of all the above elements. In other words, a student will enroll in a major at a specific level, in order to earn a degree, such as, a Master of Science in Mathematics or a Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics.

Official Transcripts

The Office of the Registrar retains a listing of approved items recorded on the official transcript.

The official academic transcript will list the degree, and if applicable, concentrations, designations, and certificates. Only concentrations whose requirements are published in the catalog will be identified on the transcript. Concentrations, designations, and academic certificates are not printed on the diploma in accordance with University policy.

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