UT Dallas 2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Student Complaint Resources

The University of Texas at Dallas Undergraduate Online Catalog includes procedures to assist students in expressing and resolving complaints, issues, and questions that may arise during their academic careers. This web page provides information about specific procedures and their respective web links.

Nondiscrimination Policy

Students seeking further information, or related complaint procedures, please refer to the policies below.

Student Code of Conduct

The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) has developed its policy regarding student conduct and discipline in accordance with The University of Texas System (UT System) Regents Rules and model policy. Each student and student organization is charged with notice, knowledge of, and compliance with the contents and provisions within the Student Code of Conduct. Reporting to the Dean of Students, the Office of Community Standards and Conduct seeks to support the mission of The University of Texas at Dallas by promoting integrity, civility, and community on campus.

Recognizing that students make mistakes, our offices strive to help them acknowledge their personal responsibilities as members of the University community through fairly and consistently upholding the Student Code of Conduct. By doing so, we help bring student actions into congruence with the expectations set forth by the University while challenging them to demonstrate ethical decision-making and personal integrity. Procedures are defined and described in the Student Code of Conduct, UTDSP5003. Copies of these rules and regulations are available to students in the Office of Community Standards and Conduct, where staff are available to assist students in interpreting the rules and regulations (SSB 2.311, 972-883-6330).

Academic Grievances and Procedures

In attempting to resolve any student grievance regarding grades, evaluations, or other fulfillments of academic responsibility, it is the obligation of the student first to make a serious effort to resolve the matter with the instructor, supervisor, administrator, or committee with whom the grievance originated (hereafter called "the respondent") Individual faculty members retain primary responsibility for assigning grades and evaluations.

Procedures for student grievances can be found in:


Final Examinations

Disciplinary Actions and Procedures

Class Registration and Withdrawals

To withdraw for non-academic reasons, students must complete a written petition detailing the nature of the request and include supporting documentation. Grounds on which such requests may be granted include, but are not limited to, documented serious medical conditions and exigent family circumstances.

Transfer Credits

Tuition and Financial Aid (including Residency Classification)

Military Service

Religious Holy Days

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Student Records

Resources for Students to Obtain Assistance and/or Additional Information

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