UT Dallas 2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Undergraduate Minors

Some academic units designate a set of classes that constitute a minor in that academic unit. The requirements of the minor are set by the faculty of the academic unit offering the minor, not by the academic unit of the student's major field of study. When an academic unit offers a minor in a field of study, it is open to all students in the University regardless of school of origin. Students who take a minor will be expected to meet the normal prerequisites in courses making up the minor, and should maintain a minimum GPA of 2.000 on a 4.000 scale (C average) in courses making up the minor. Minors consist of a minimum of 18 semester credit hours, of which at least 9 must be upper-division semester credit hours, although individual academic units may require more semester credit hours at their sole discretion. Major or certificate required semester credit hours and courses may not be used to satisfy minor requirements; however, free elective or major preparatory semester credit hours and courses may be used to satisfy the minor if these are not a part of the certificate requirements. At least one-third of the semester credit hours for a minor must be taken at The University of Texas at Dallas. Students should consult with an advisor in their major field of study as they select and plan minors. Students may add up to two minors.

Students may consult with an academic advisor in their major field of study as they select recommended courses to satisfy the minor's requirements. Students may view semester class schedules, class syllabi, and faculty vitae at coursebook.utdallas.edu.

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