UT Dallas 2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Naveen Jindal School of Management


Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

9 semester credit hours

The Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship introduces students to the curriculum available at Jindal School of Management while also offering tangible real-world experience in developing a startup concept or a foundation in corporate innovation. Students must take:

ENTP 3301 Innovation and Entrepreneurship

And 6 semester credit hours to be selected from:

ENTP 3320 Start-up Launch I

ENTP 3321 Start-up Launch II

ENTP 3360 Entrepreneurial Finance

or FIN 3360 Entrepreneurial Finance

ENTP 4311 Entrepreneurial Strategy and Business Models

ENTP 4320 Small Business Management

ENTP 4330 Entrepreneurial Marketing

ENTP 4331 Digital Prospecting

or MKT 4331 Digital Prospecting

ENTP 4335 Digital and Internet Marketing

or MKT 4330 Digital and Internet Marketing

ENTP 4340 Social Sector Entrepreneurship and Community Engagement

ENTP 4350 Corporate Entrepreneurship

ENTP 4360 Innovation and Creativity

ENTP 4398 Venture Capital Seed Fund

ENTP 4399 Lean Innovation for Public Services

ENTP 4V00 Special Topics in Entrepreneurship

Students in a technical degree program can substitute a technical design capstone course for one of the above selectable ENTP courses. The technical capstone courses include any of the following:

ATCM 4398 Capstone Project

BMEN 4388 Senior Design Project I

or BMEN 4389 Senior Design Project II

CE 4388 or EE 4388 Senior Design Project I

or CE 4389 or EE 4389 Senior Design Project II

CS 4485 Computer Science Project

MECH 4381 Senior Design Project I

or MECH 4382 Senior Design Project II

SE 4485 Software Engineering Project

EPCS 3200 Engineering Projects in Community Service II

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