UT Dallas 2023 Undergraduate Catalog

OPRE4395 - Capstone Senior Project - Supply Chain Management

OPRE 4395 Capstone Senior Project - Supply Chain Management (3 semester credit hours) This course is intended to complement theory and to provide an in-depth, hands-on experience in all aspects of a real business project. Students will work in teams as consultants on projects of interest to industry and will be involved in specifying the problem and its solution, designing and analyzing the solution, and developing recommended solutions. The deliverables will include reports that document these steps as well as a final project report, including the challenges faced by the team. The course provides students with a unique opportunity to work in a team environment, interact with industry leaders and gain industry specific knowledge Capstone projects are sponsored by local supply chain companies. Students will learn how to work on a consulting engagement, how to collect the necessary data for analysis and assessment and how to use the skills and knowledge gained to solve real world problems in the area of supply chain management. Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing and (OPRE 4330 or OPRE 4340). Prerequisite or Corequisite: BCOM 4300. (3-0) S