UT Dallas 2023 Undergraduate Catalog

School of Interdisciplinary Studies


Minors offered by the School of Interdisciplinary Studies are available to students in all majors except for students taking the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. There is no minor offered in Interdisciplinary Studies. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in American Studies and the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Studies are encouraged to take any minor offered by any school at the University. Students may also contact the academic advisor in their major for a list of the courses that satisfy each minor. Students who take a minor will be expected to meet the normal prerequisites in courses making up the minor, and should maintain a minimum GPA of 2.000 on a 4.00 scale (C average). Minors available within the School of Interdisciplinary Studies are:

Minor in American Studies

18 semester credit hours

The minor in American studies will facilitate a better understanding of American culture, economy, politics, and society.

Required Courses: 6 semester credit hours

AMS 3327 American Studies: Histories, Theories, Methodologies

AMS 2341 American Studies for the Twenty-First Century1

or AMS 2300 American Popular Culture1

Electives: 12 semester credit hours

Four additional American Studies courses (or ISIS courses with an American focus--approval required).

1. If a student has taken one of these options to fulfill core requirements, the other option must be taken to fulfill the minor requirements.

Minor in Environmental Studies

18 semester credit hours

This minor will provide students from all majors with a better understanding of environmental issues and the skills to analyze future environmental problems. The name "Environmental Studies" reflects the goal of this interdisciplinary minor to encourage students to learn to view environmental issues from scientific, economic, political, and social standpoints. The 18 semester credit hours of the Environmental Sciences minor enable UT Dallas students to develop expertise in this important area. The framework provides all students with a policy and science perspective and allows students to tailor the minor, through choice of electives, to their individual goals.

The Environmental Studies minor is 18 semester credit hours. (NOTE: As per university guidelines, a maximum of six semester credit hours can be taken at the lower level for the minor).

Required Foundation Courses: 6 semester credit hours

Choose two courses from the following:

SOC 3382 or PA 3382 Sustainable Communities

NATS 2333 Energy, Water, and the Environment

GEOS 2302 The Global Environment

ISIS 3334 Environment in America

Electives: 12 semester credit hours

Choose four courses from the following list, or three courses from the list with one alternate course accompanied by written permission of the Supervisory Committee.

BIOL 3388 Honey Bee Biology

ECON 4333 Environmental Economics

ECON 4336 Environmental Economic Theory and Policy

ENGY 3330 or MECO 3330 Energy Economics

ENGY 3340 or MECO 3340 Energy Law and Contracts

ENGY 4300 or MECO 4300 Energy Land Management

ENVR 2302 or GEOG 2302 The Global Environment

GEOS 2310 Environmental Geology (if not taken as a foundation course)

GISC 4310 or IPEC 4310 Environmental and Health Policy in East Asia

GISC 4384 Health and Environmental GIS

or IPEC 4384 Health and Environmental Policy: A Global Perspective

GISC 4386 Global Change and Its Challenges

HIST 3368 North American Environmental History

HLTH 4307 Climate Change in Healthcare

IPEC 3349 World Resources and Development

ISNS 2367 The Oceans

ISNS 2368 Weather and Climate

MECH 4V95 Topics in Mechanical Engineering (when topic is Introduction to Wind Energy)

PA 3377 or GEOG 3377 Urban Planning and Policy

PSCI 4304 Energy and Environmental Politics and Policy

PSCI 4396 Selected Topics in Government and Politics (when topic is environmental policy or related)

Students may also select an Independent Study (with approval)

Students may also select an Internship (with approval)

Minor in Exercise Sciences

18 semester credit hours

The minor in Exercise Sciences is ideal for students who are interested in broadening their experience and knowledge base in the study and analysis of principles related to human movement, exercise, and athletics. Students will acquire new information on key domains of the field including exercise physiology, psychological approach to health, nutrition principles, injury prevention, and treatment strategies. Specifically, the minor provides students with an introductory grounding in physiologic principles that help us understand not only how human systems respond to exercise stress, but also how the body changes with chronic exercise stress.

Required Courses: 9 semester credit hours

HLTH 1301 Introduction to Kinesiology

HLTH 1322 Human Nutrition

BIOL 3370 Exercise Physiology

Upper-Division Courses: 9 semester credit hours

BIOL 3455 Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab I

BIOL 3456 Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab II

ECON 3315 Sports Economics

HLTH 3101 Medical Terminology

PSY 4328 Health Psychology

Minor in Gender Studies

18 semester credit hours2

The Gender Studies minor is designed to examine gender as a complex social construction that intersects with class, race, age, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, and sexual identity; to study the lives and experiences of groups that have been underrepresented in traditional academic work; and to acquaint students with the fundamental methodologies of women's/gender/sexuality studies.

Required Courses: 6 semester credit hours

GST 2300 or SOC 2300 Introduction to Gender Studies

GST 3302 or HIST 3302 Gender in Western Thought3

Electives: 12 semester credit hours

Choose remaining 12 semester credit hours from at least two of the distribution areas below:

Gender and Cultural Production

AMS 2300 American Popular Culture4

AMS 2341 American Studies for the Twenty-First Century4

AMS 4360 or GST 4360 Gender and Alcohol in America

ATCM 3321 Networked Identities

ATCM 4322 Disability, Technology, and Media

ATCM 4323 Feminism, Technology, and Media

ATCM 4325 Race, Technology, and Media

Gender, Individuals, and Families

GST 3301 or PSY 3324 Psychology of Gender

ISIS 3310 Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Multidisciplinary Investigation

PSY 3338 or CLDP 3338 Adolescence

PSY 4324 The Psychology of Prejudice

PSY 4345 or CLDP 4345 Violence in the Family

PSY 4346 Human Sexuality

PSY 4347 or CLDP 4347 Marriage and Family Psychology

Gender, Society, and Politics

CRIM 3324 Gender, Crime, and Justice

GST 3303 Gender, Society and Politics

HLTH 3306 Gender in Healthcare

HLTH 3310 Health Care Issues: Global Perspectives

ISIS 3312 Women in Management

ISIS 4350 International Development: Cultural Impacts

PA 3379 or SOC 3379 Diversity in the Public Sector

PPOL 4314 Family Violence and Public Policy

PSCI 3353 Law and Gender

PSCI 4357 Human Rights

PSCI 4364 Civil Rights Law and Society

PSCI 4377 Women and Politics

SOC 3343 Sociology of the Family

SOC 3352 Sex, Gender and Society

SOC 4375 Gender and Work

Gender, Theory, and History

HIST 2384 U.S. Women from Settlement to Present

HIST 3324 Women in Modern European Society

HIST 3325 Middle Eastern Women's History

HIST 4343 Islamic Feminism

or RELS 4334 Islamic Feminism

HIST 4360 Topics in American Women's History

HIST 4379 Topics in Women's and Gender History

PHIL 4333 Feminist Philosophy

Independent Study, Special Topics, or Honors

BIS 4V04 Internship (related to gender studies)

GST 4379 Special Topics in Gender Studies

GST 4381 Senior Honors Research

GST 4382 Senior Honors in Gender Studies

GST 4V80 Independent Study

2. For the Gender Studies minor, at least 12 semester credit hours must come from upper-level courses.

3. GST 3302/HIST 3302 is only available during the fall semester.

4. Only Honors sections of AMS 2300 or AMS 2341 count towards the Gender Studies Minor.

Minor in Healthcare Studies

18-20 semester credit hours

The minor in Healthcare Studies is designed for students from any major who have an interest in healthcare. The Healthcare Studies minor will allow students to learn important aspects of the health profession including appropriate terminology and the foundational elements of professionalism in the healthcare setting. Students will also gain an understanding of basic biological and medical principles related to human health and disease, the fundamental aspects of the history or philosophy of healthcare, and psychological, social, or economic issues associated with healthcare in America.

Twelve semester credit hours must be upper-division courses.

Required Courses in Health Career Development Foundations: 5 semester credit hours

HLTH 1100 Career Explorations for the Health Professions

HLTH 3300 Pre-Health Professional Development

HLTH 3101 Medical Terminology

Electives: 13-15 semester credit hours

BIOL 3370 Exercise Physiology

BIOL 3455 Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab I

BIOL 3456 Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab II

ECON 3330 Economics of Health

HIST 3328 History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine

HLTH 1322 Human Nutrition

HLTH 3301 Issues in Geriatric Healthcare

NSC 4356 Neurophysiology

NSC 4366 Neuroanatomy

PHIL 3320 Medical Ethics

PHIL 4321 Philosophy of Medicine

PSY 4328 Health Psychology

PSY 4346 Human Sexuality

SOC 4372 Health and Illness

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