UT Dallas 2023 Undergraduate Catalog

HIST3307 - War, Genocide, and Human Rights

HIST 3307 War, Genocide, and Human Rights (3 semester credit hours) Known as the age of total war, the twentieth century saw the murder of millions of civilians on an extraordinary scale. Sometimes lost in the fog of war, attacks on ethnic, religious, and other minority groups were perpetrated by unscrupulous regimes which saw their removal as a utopian mission in answer to a racially as well as politically pure society. Thus, War, Genocide, & Human Rights will investigate the decimation of the Armenians during World War I, the European Jews during the Second World War, and the atrocities committed against the Tutsis during the civil war in Rwanda. By examining these events, students will gain a better understanding of the dangers of political fundamentalism, factionalism, racism, propaganda, and the importance of an objective press for global stability in the future. (3-0) Y