UT Dallas 2020 Undergraduate Catalog

UNIV3074 - Intermediate University Engagement and Applied Leadership I

UNIV 3074 Intermediate University Engagement and Applied Leadership I (0 semester credit hours) This is a required course for all students selected to serve as second-year mentors in the Freshman Mentor Program. We live in a time of unique social contexts and continuous change. This dynamic presents several potential challenges and necessary adjustments for young adults as they transition to the independence and period or personal development that occurs in college. This class provides the administrative structure and resources for the Freshman Mentor Program. Weekly topics along with monthly discussions will afford second-year mentors an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the importance of university engagement and leadership from an applied perspective. Second-year mentors are required to actively participate in online discussion groups and during in-person monthly meetings. Credit/No Credit only. May be repeated up to three times. Instructor consent required. (2-0) Y