UT Dallas 2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Undergraduate Policies and Procedures

Graduate Courses

Upper-division undergraduates, who are classified as seniors and core complete, may petition the Undergraduate Associate Dean and Graduate Advisor to take graduate courses by completing the appropriate form available in the student's academic advising office. Schools may have additional requirements for undergraduates to register for graduate courses. If approved, these graduate courses can be applied toward satisfying undergraduate degree requirements or can be designated for future application toward a graduate degree or certificate requirement at UT Dallas. The student must declare at the time of registration for the course, on a form provided by the Undergraduate Associate Dean, how each approved course is to be applied. Once applied, the options cannot be changed.

An undergraduate student cannot take more than 15 graduate semester credit hours total. For example, if an undergraduate student chooses to take 9 graduate semester credit hours reserved for application toward a graduate degree or certificate, the undergraduate student can take only 6 graduate semester credit hours toward the undergraduate degree (this includes graduate hours chosen towards the fast track option).

Graduate Courses Applied Toward an Undergraduate Degree

Up to 12 semester credit hours of graduate work taken as an undergraduate may be used for completing any baccalaureate degree at The University of Texas at Dallas. Pass/Fail grading for graduate courses will be permitted only in this category but must be approved by the instructor prior to the start of class.

Graduate Courses for Possible Future Use as Graduate Credit

Undergraduates may take up to 12 semester credit hours of graduate courses to reserve for possible application toward a graduate degree or certificate. To register, undergraduate students must obtain permission from the course instructor and from the graduate advisor of the program in which the course is offered. Such courses may be eligible for application to the student's graduate record when the student is admitted to a graduate program. These courses will not apply to the student's undergraduate degree and will not affect the student's undergraduate GPA. These courses will apply to the student's graduate degree or certificate and will affect the student's graduate cumulative GPA.

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