UT Dallas 2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Undergraduate Policies and Procedures

Education Abroad Policies

Information about education abroad opportunities is available at the International Center, Student Services Building (SSB) 3.400. Students are required to satisfy the University's international travel requirements with the guidance of Education Abroad. The advising process includes university policies governing education abroad application, selection procedures, funding sources, international health insurance, emergency procedures, and liability issues, among other aspects. Information is also disseminated through special events, group meetings, individual appointments, reference materials, and at the Education Abroad website (www.utdallas.edu/ea).

Education Abroad Options

Students may participate in the following types of education abroad programs:

  1. Study Abroad: Students are registered for study abroad courses at UT Dallas, but pursue the academic program with an organization or institution specialized in designing academic courses for U.S. students in foreign destinations (3rd party programs). Students may select from a variety of 3rd party programs and arrange for transfer of credit to UT Dallas, if applicable. Students are responsible for paying program fees directly to the 3rd party provider, and are not charged UT Dallas tuition for the study abroad course. Students may not apply their Academic Excellence Scholarships toward these programs.
  2. Reciprocal Exchange: Students are registered for full time reciprocal exchange courses at UT Dallas, but pursue the academic program at a foreign institution with which UT Dallas has an active reciprocal exchange program agreement. Students may select from a variety of reciprocal exchange institutions and arrange for transfer of credit to UT Dallas. Students are assessed UT Dallas tuition and fees for the reciprocal exchange courses, and may apply their Academic Excellence Scholarships toward these programs.
  3. Independent Study: Students are registered for and pursue UT Dallas academic coursework in a foreign destination under UT Dallas faculty supervision and with the approval of the appropriate academic department. Students are assessed UT Dallas tuition and fees for the independent study semester credit hours.
  4. Internships: To pursue an internship in a foreign destination, students must report the internship through the CometCareers system for a review and approval by the Career Center and the academic department. Students are registered for the UT Dallas internship course and are assessed UT Dallas tuition and fees for the corresponding semester credit hours.
  5. Faculty-led Programs: Students register for UT Dallas coursework that includes international components as a part of the UT Dallas curriculum. Students are assessed UT Dallas tuition and fees for the faculty-led course semester credit hours. Additional fees are assessed to cover program costs.
  6. Academic Research: A non-credit opportunity (research, service learning, language intensive study) that allows for personal growth, sponsored by UT Dallas. University travel guidelines apply, even if credit will not be earned.

Eligibility and Conditions

A student must be in academic good standing to participate in all abroad programs, and disciplinary records will be used in determining student's eligibility. A student must have a minimum of 3.000 GPA to participate in exchange programs. GPA requirements for faculty-led programs are determined by the academic unit offering the program and may be higher.

Students are required to have completed two full time semesters prior to participation in study abroad programs, exchange programs, independent studies, or internships.

Students who are in their graduating year should follow Graduation Requirements for eligibility.   Students may obtain guidance from Education Abroad or their academic advisors to ensure they are following these requirements.

The 24/30 rule states that students must complete at least 24 of their last 30 semester credit hours at UT Dallas. Students who are within the jurisdiction of the 24/30 rule and plan to graduate must obtain a waiver from the Dean of Undergraduate Education to be eligible for Education Abroad programs. Students may obtain guidance from Education Abroad or their academic advisors to submit their waiver petition to the Dean of Undergraduate Education. Students should provide a copy of the approved 24/30 waiver to Education Abroad.

Additional eligibility requirements may apply based on exchange partner agreements, third party program provider requirements, or other individual program requirements. Information is available at the Education Abroad website (utdallas.edu/ea).

Financial Information for Education Abroad

Students may apply for the UT Dallas International Education Fund (IEF) Scholarship to request financial support for education abroad programs. Information about the IEF Scholarship, including eligibility requirements and deadlines, is available at the Education Abroad website.

Students may consult with the Education Abroad office about additional scholarships. Students may consult with the Office of Financial Aid to determine how participation in education abroad impacts existing financial aid offerings.

Transfer Credit and Graduation

Students request education abroad transfer credit by submitting official transcripts to the UT Dallas Education Abroad office. The Office of the Registrar will review transcripts and determine final application of transfer credit after completion of the classes abroad. Transcripts received from foreign institutions in a language other than English must be translated by a professional translation service for official posting of transfer credit. It is the responsibility of the student to provide an English translation of the transcript and pay any associated costs.

Credits earned through UT Dallas' independent studies, internships, and/or faculty-led programs are notated on the UT Dallas transcript as UT Dallas coursework. Credits earned through study abroad and reciprocal exchange programs are notated on the UT Dallas transcript as transfer credit, and all UT Dallas transfer credit and graduation policies apply.

International Travel, Policies and Services

Students representing UT Dallas through participation in a UT Dallas Education Abroad program, or for international events such as conferences, workshops, or sports competitions, are required to complete international travel procedures and receive approvals prior to travel. Travel to high risk regions requires review and approval through the UT Dallas International Oversight Committee (IOC). With appropriate approvals, the traveler receives coverage in related international insurance plans, and access to university risk and safety services. The International Center Risk and Safety Office facilitates enrollment in the international health insurance plan, provides risk assessments through the high risk regions tool and world status reports, and provides programs on international risk mitigation through workshops and facilitated conversations with safety experts.

International Risk and Safety is located in the Student Services Building, SSB 3.400. More information can be found at www.utdallas.edu/rs or by calling 972-883-4189.

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