UT Dallas 2020 Undergraduate Catalog

HLTH3310 - Health Care Issues: Global Perspectives

HLTH 3310 Health Care Issues: Global Perspectives (3 semester credit hours) This course examines the social and political aspects of global healthcare issues. Stressing principles of cultural competence, we will examine varying meanings of "health" as well as the range of factors that encourage the health of some and deny it for others. Through a combination of "macro-level" (national and international) as well as "micro-level" (local) analysis, we will enhance our understanding of the global dimensions of health and disease, various strategies of health initiatives, and the short-and-long-term outcomes of both diseases and correlating health care interventions. Topics may include: maternal mortality, HIV, health and environmental hazards, health systems, health and human rights, grass roots initiatives, the millennium development goals, chronic disease and female genital surgeries. (3-0) R