UT Dallas 2020 Undergraduate Catalog

BMEN3331 - Cell and Molecular Engineering

BMEN 3331 Cell and Molecular Engineering (3 semester credit hours) This course will cover physiological function from a cellular, molecular, and biophysical perspective, with applications to bioengineering design. Topics include protein structure and function, enzymes, the structure and nature of DNA, gene expression, protein trafficking, the cellular structure and function of various cellular organelles. Modern methods for designing, producing, and characterizing novel proteins and peptides will be examined. Students will also learn about energy and the function of mitochondria, cellular communication and the function of the extracellular matrix, cell motility, cell division, cell signaling, and cell adhesion. Prerequisite: MATH 2420. Prerequisite or Corequisite: CHEM 2324. (3-0) S