UT Dallas 2016 Undergraduate Catalog

BMEN3360 - Thermodynamics

BMEN 3360 Thermodynamics (3 semester credit hours) Lecture course. This course focuses on introductory concepts and definitions of thermodynamics, energy and the availability of reversible work, machine, and cycle processes; real gas behavior; first law of thermodynamics, phase-change, internal energy, energy balance, entropy, ideal gas, control volume analysis, second law of thermodynamics, vapor, gas, and refrigeration power systems. Credit cannot be received for both courses, BMEN 3315 and BMEN 3360. Prerequisites: ENGR 3300 and PHYS 2325. Prerequisite or Corequisite: CHEM 1301 or (CHEM 1311 and CHEM 1312). (3-0) Y