UT Dallas 2016 Undergraduate Catalog

School of Arts and Humanities

Literary Studies (BA)

Students who complete the major in Literary Studies receive a thorough grounding in literary ideas and methods as well as a broad acquaintance with literatures of different periods and cultures, including literature in translation. Courses in this major are divided into the following groups: Literary Genres, English and American Literature, General Literature Courses, and Foreign Languages and Literatures. By selecting courses from a variety of these headings, students are able to combine courses in criticism and interpretation, in writing and translation, and in linguistics and languages. Students may also be certified to teach English and/or history and/or social studies.

Since the following catalog course descriptions are very general, students are urged to consult the detailed course descriptions available on the web site for the School of Arts and Humanities.

Unless otherwise noted, courses in Literary Studies are open to all students in the University.

Bachelor of Arts in Literary Studies

Degree Requirements (120 semester credit hours)1


Professors: Charles R. Bambach, Richard Brettell, David F. Channell, Milton A. Cohen, Fred I. Curchack, Pamela Gossin, Ming Dong Gu, Dennis M. Kratz, Enric Madriguera, Adrienne L. McLean, Zsuzsanna Ozsváth, David A. Patterson, John J. Pomara, Rene Prieto, Stephen G. Rabe, Timothy (Tim) Redman, R. Clay Reynolds, Thomas P. Riccio, Robert Xavier Rodríguez, Nils Roemer, Rainer Schulte, Theresa M. Towner, Frederick Turner, Marilyn Waligore

Professors Emeritus: Joan Chandler, R. David Edmunds, Michael S. Simpson

Clinical Professors: Catherine Parsoneault, Marvin Stone, Winston Stone, Dennis Walsh

Associate Professors: Matt Brown, Sean J. Cotter, J. Michael Farmer, John C. Gooch, Charles Hatfield, Shelley D. Lane, Manuel Luis Martinez, Patricia H. Michaelson, Jessica C. Murphy, Peter Park, Monica Rankin, Natalie Ring, Mark Rosen, Eric Schlereth, Charissa N. Terranova, Daniel B. Wickberg, Michael L. Wilson

Associate Professors Emeritus: Gerald L. Soliday, Deborah A. Stott

Clinical Associate Professors: Michele Hanlon, Maribeth (Betsy) Schlobohm, Betty H. Wiesepape

Assistant Professors: Ashley Barnes, Annelise Heinz, Kimberly Hill, Shilyh Warren, Benjamin (Ben) Wright

Clinical Assistant Professors: Kenneth Brewer, Shelby Hibbs, Peter (Jay) Ingrao, Michael McVay, Sabrina Starnaman, Lorraine Tady

Visiting Assistant Professor: Patrick Denker

Senior Lecturers: Lawrence Amato, Zafar Anjum, Barbara Baker, Karen Baynham, Lorena Camacho-Guardardo, Bei Chen, Diane Durant, Kelly P. Durbin, Kathryn C. Evans, Lori Gerard, Janece Glauser, Dianne Goode, Melissa Hernandez-Katz, Jennifer Hudson, Thomas M. Lambert, Kathy Lingo, Mary Medrick, Greg L. Metz, Christopher (Chris) Ryan, Monica M. Saba, Linda Salisbury, Jeffrey Schulze, Allison Templeton, Noah Zisman

I. Core Curriculum Requirements: 42 semester credit hours2

Communication: 6 semester credit hours

COMM 1311 Survey of Oral and Technology-based Communication

RHET 1302 Rhetoric

Mathematics: 3 semester credit hours

Choose one course from the following:

MATH 1306 College Algebra for the Non-Scientist

MATH 1314 College Algebra

Or select any 3 semester credit hours from Mathematics core courses

Life and Physical Sciences: 6 semester credit hours

Select any 6 semester credit hours from Life and Physical Sciences core courses

Language, Philosophy and Culture: 3 semester credit hours

Choose one course from the following:

HUMA 1301 Exploration of the Humanities

LIT 2331 Masterpieces of World Literature

PHIL 1301 Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 2316 History of Philosophy I

PHIL 2317 History of Philosophy II

Or select any 3 semester credit hours from Language, Philosophy and Culture core courses

Creative Arts: 3 semester credit hours

Choose one course from the following:

ARTS 1301 Exploration of the Arts

AHST 1303 Survey of Western Art History: Ancient to Medieval

AHST 1304 Survey of Western Art History: Renaissance to Modern

AHST 2331 Understanding Art

DANC 1310 Understanding Dance

DRAM 1310 Understanding Theater

FILM 2332 Understanding Film

MUSI 1306 Understanding Music

MUSI 2322 Music in Western Civilization

American History: 6 semester credit hours

Choose two courses from the following:

HIST 1301 U.S. History Survey to Civil War

HIST 1302 U.S. History Survey from Civil War

HIST 2301 History of Texas

HIST 2330 Themes and Ideas in American History

HIST 2332 Civil War and Reconstruction

Government / Political Science: 6 semester credit hours

GOVT 2305 American National Government

GOVT 2306 State and Local Government

Social and Behavioral Sciences: 3 semester credit hours

Select any 3 semester credit hours from Social and Behavioral Sciences core courses

Component Area Option: 6 semester credit hours

Choose two courses from the following or other Component Area Option courses:

ARHM 2340 Creativity

ARHM 2341 Global Media

ARHM 2342 Connections in the Arts and Humanities

ARHM 2343 Science and the Humanities

ARHM 2344 World Cultures

II. Major Requirements, Lower-Division: 3-4 semester credit hours beyond Core Curriculum

LIT 2341 Literary Analysis

ARHM 1100 Freshman Seminar

UNIV 1010 Freshman Seminar

III. Major Requirements, Upper-Division: 42 semester credit hours

Major Core Courses: 9 semester credit hours

ARHM 3342 Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies in the Arts and Humanities

LIT 3300 Western Literary Tradition

LIT 3339 Writing in Literary Studies

Major Distribution and Elective Courses: 24 semester credit hours

Select any 3 semester credit hours of upper-division courses from each of the following groups:

Literary genres

Literature before 1850

Translated Literature

15 semester credit hours of upper-division Literary Studies electives

Major-Related Courses: 9 semester credit hours

Students may select any combination of upper-division courses from Arts and Humanities, Art and Performance, Art History, Visual Arts, Communications, Creative Writing, Dance, Drama, Film Studies, Historical Studies, Humanities, Music and/or Philosophy.

IV. Elective Requirements: 32-33 semester credit hours

Free Electives: 32-33 semester credit hours

Both upper-division and lower-division courses may be used as electives, but students must complete at least 51 semester credit hours of upper-division courses to qualify for graduation.

1. Incoming freshmen must enroll and complete requirements of UNIV 1010 and the corresponding school-related freshman seminar course. Students, including transfer students, who complete their core curriculum at UT Dallas must take UNIV 2020.

2. Curriculum Requirements can be fulfilled by other approved courses from institutions of higher education. The courses listed are recommended as the most efficient way to satisfy both Core Curriculum and Major Requirements at UT Dallas.

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