UT Dallas 2016 Undergraduate Catalog

Undergraduate Policies and Procedures

Student Travel Policy

The University of Texas at Dallas promotes safe travel by students to and from activities or events within the scope of the University's mission. Before traveling, it is beneficial to review the travel policy about domestic and foreign travel, emergency procedures, insurance, and liability; and to obtain authorization by completing travel authorization forms and other related forms at least 5 working days prior to travel. Procedures also apply to faculty, staff, and students who transport students off campus on any university-organized and university-sponsored travel business or related travel activities for student organizations.

Student Travel to International Locations

Students traveling abroad for UT Dallas credit, for an approved Education Abroad program, must follow the Education Abroad approval process for travel prior to departure. For more information: www.utdallas.edu/ea. Students traveling internationally on University business but not for credit, such as conferences, workshops, sport competitions, etc. must submit an international travel authorization request and obtain institutional authorization prior to departure. For more information: www.utdallas.edu/rs. With these approvals, the traveller receives coverage in related international insurance plans and access to university international risk and safety services.

Detailed information regarding this policy, in accordance to Texas Education Code, Section 51.950, can be accessed at the UT Dallas Policy Navigator, policy.utdallas.edu/utdbp3023, and at www.utdallas.edu/administration/insurance/travel.

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