UT Dallas 2016 Undergraduate Catalog

BMEN3325 - Advanced MATLAB Programming for Biomedical Engineering

BMEN 3325 Advanced MATLAB Programming for Biomedical Engineering (3 semester credit hours) MATLAB programing is an increasingly important skill for Bioengineering/Biomedical Engineering (BE/BME) students. MATLAB is both a programming language and a platform with toolboxes for data processing, visualization, and analysis. Although most BE/BME students took the introductory level course of programing at freshmen level, junior or senior students require more advanced MATLAB programming skills in their study or research. The course will provide an extensive training for MATLAB programming skills for solving biomedical problems. Advanced topics in programming and advanced computational models will be introduced with lectures. Assignments and class projects will be used for training. Students are allowed to use other programming languages in course projects, as most programming concepts are common across different programming languages. The course will help students to obtain solid programming skills to be better ready for their junior, senior, graduate study, or job. Prerequisite: BMEN 1208. (1.5-1.5) R