UT Dallas 2022 Undergraduate Catalog

PSCI4309 - Politics of the European Union

PSCI 4309 Politics of the European Union (3 semester credit hours) This course will examine the history, institutions, and contemporary politics of the European Union (EU). It will start by providing students the normative and strategic foundations for the creation of the EU's predecessor organizations. It will then explore the EU's institutions such as the Commission, Parliament, and Court of Justice and their interactions with one another. Students will also explore the politics of the Euro and the consequences of a unified monetary policy. Furthermore, students will learn about the intertwined relationship between national governments and the EU. The course will additionally provide context for emerging euroskepticism and the political dynamics behind Brexit and other anti-EU movements. Lastly, the course will finish by tackling contemporary issues of democratic backsliding in Europe and challenge students to think about whether the EU is a suitable organization to protect liberal democracy. (3-0) R