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UTeach Dallas Options

Those interested in obtaining both a baccalaureate degree and a Teacher Certification in the state of Texas should consult the UTeach Dallas office for specific requirements as soon as possible after formal admission to the University. See the Teacher Education Certification Programs section of the catalog for additional information.

The UTeach Dallas coursework may be added to either the BA or BS degree in specific disciplines within the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. UTeach Dallas degree plans are streamlined to allow students to complete both a rigorous Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree and all coursework for middle or high school teacher certification in four years; however, certain options may exceed minimum requirements for the degree.

Teaching requires deep content knowledge combined with courses grounded in the latest research on math and science education. While most graduates go on to classroom teaching, UTeach Dallas alums are also prepared to enter graduate school and to work in discipline related industry. Those that complete certification may add a Minor in Secondary STEM education to their degree showing their experience and expertise in teaching and learning.

All UTeach Dallas students will follow the degree requirements set forth in the primary degree and take the following UTeach Dallas courses to meet the teacher certification criteria.

UTeach Dallas Requirements: 24 semester credit hours

NATS 1141 UTeach STEP 1

or NATS 1142 UTeach STEP 11

NATS 1143 UTeach STEP 2

NATS 3341 Knowing and Learning in Mathematics and Science

NATS 3343 Classroom Interactions

HIST 3328 History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine

NATS 4390 Research Methods (for science certification seekers)

or MATH 3303 (for math and computer science certification seekers)

NATS 4341 Project-Based Instruction

NATS 4694 UTeach Apprentice Teaching, 7-12 Science and Mathematics

or NATS 4696 UTeach Apprentice Teaching, 4-8 Science and Mathematics

NATS 4141 UTeach Apprentice Teaching Seminar

Note: The UTeach Dallas certification pathway above is also compatible, via the Teacher Development Center, with the BS in Education with 4-8 Mathematics and the BS in Education with 4-8 Science offered by the School of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Fast Track Baccalaureate/Master's Degrees

UT Dallas undergraduate students with strong academic records, who have completed at least 90 semester credit hours including (NATS 1141 or NATS 1142) and NATS 1143, and who intend to pursue graduate work in Science or Mathematics Education at UT Dallas, may apply for the Fast Track program. The Fast Track program involves taking selected graduate courses that can also count toward the student's undergraduate degree. After Fast Track admission to the graduate program, 15 semester credit hours of graduate courses with an earned grade of B or better can be used toward completion of the bachelor's degree and to satisfy requirements for those courses at the graduate level. Graduate courses must be approved by the graduate advisor. Interested students should contact the UTeach Dallas undergraduate advisor well in advance of the senior year to prepare a degree plan taking maximal advantage of this Fast Track program. Admission to Fast Track is not automatic. The student must work with the undergraduate and graduate advisors of the Science and Mathematics Education Department to submit an application for admission.

Please consult with the UTeach Dallas Advisor to determine how the UTeach Dallas courses will fit into your degree plan.

Phone: 972-883-6485

Email: uteach@utdallas.edu

Web: uteach.utdallas.edu

1. NATS 1142 meets twice weekly and satisfies the freshman seminar requirement (NATS 1101) for freshmen NS&M majors.

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