UT Dallas 2022 Undergraduate Catalog

MSEN3340 - Materials Processing

MSEN 3340 Materials Processing (3 semester credit hours) Materials processing describes the way in which we fabricate finished goods from raw materials. This course will explore the fundamental properties and strategies of materials processing, beginning with an overview of thermodynamic and kinetic principles that underpin this process. The methods of processing metallic, ceramic, electronic, and polymer materials will be discussed, with an eye on how a material's processing relates to its structure and performance. Laboratory work will provide hands-on experience on the preparation and processing techniques discussed in lecture. This course will cover a variety of materials that are frequently used in materials science, chemistry, physics, and various engineering fields. Prerequisites: CHEM 1311 and (MATH 2415 or MATH 2419 or equivalent) and (PHYS 2326 or PHYS 2422). (2-[2-3]) Y