UT Dallas 2022 Undergraduate Catalog

IPEC4310 - Environmental and Health Policy in East Asia

IPEC 4310 Environmental and Health Policy in East Asia (3 semester credit hours) Rapid development in East Asia has brought economic wealth to individuals in this region but has also created serious environmental and health problems such as pollution, resource depletion, pandemics, climate change, and so on. This course explores the environmental and human health challenges in East Asia as well as how governments and other actors are addressing them through various approaches to "sustainable development." East Asia is defined for this course as the region encompassing China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and some countries in Southeast Asia, but we will also focus on the role of the United States as it has been extensively involved in this region, when necessary. To help build the fundamental background of students' understanding of current environmental and health issues in East Asia, the course begins with an overview of historical, geographic, socioeconomic, political, and cultural issues in East Asia, and then examines ongoing policy actions to address various environmental and health problems in the region. Students are expected to take an active role in reviewing and discussing the material and, more importantly, in thinking critically about the interrelations of environment and human health in East Asia. (Same as GISC 4310) (3-0) T