UT Dallas 2022 Undergraduate Catalog

GEOS4430 - Hydrogeology and Aqueous Geochemistry

GEOS 4430 Hydrogeology and Aqueous Geochemistry (4 semester credit hours) An introduction to the principles of physical and chemical hydrogeology. Physical topics include the nature and quantification of the components of the hydrologic cycle, fundamentals of water supply and quality, overview of aquifer testing and environmental assessment. Chemical topics include behavior of low-temperature aqueous solutions, water-rock interaction and applications of chemistry to understand the Earth and its geochemical cycles. Prerequisites: CHEM 1111 and CHEM 1112 and CHEM 1311 and CHEM 1312 and GEOS 1103 and GEOS 1104 and GEOS 1303 and GEOS 1304 and GEOS 2409. (4-0) Y