UT Dallas 2022 Undergraduate Catalog

FIN4313 - Energy Finance

FIN 4313 Energy Finance (3 semester credit hours) Builds on foundations of business finance to develop a methodology for evaluating energy-related investment decisions. Particular emphasis is put on decisions under regulatory and market uncertainty, technology-facilitated substitutability, resource depletion, and real options analysis. Case studies are drawn from the oil, natural gas, electricity, and renewables sectors. This course also focuses on secured transactions. That is, the lending and borrowing of capital. Students will get a thorough instruction in the various ways companies and individuals seek out capital loans and investment and how those loans/investments are structured. The course reviews various large global projects and analyzes the issues/problems faced by those transactions and the lessons learned therefrom. Prerequisite: FIN 3320. (Same as ENGY 4313) (3-0) Y