UT Dallas 2022 Undergraduate Catalog

BIOL3355 - Clinical Pathophysiology

BIOL 3355 Clinical Pathophysiology (3 semester credit hours) The focus of this course is to meet the interests of the students who plan to become professionals working in the health-care field. The strategic goal of the course is to make students internalize the notion of the complexity of the processes leading to the onset and the development (pathogenesis) of a diseased condition, to emphasize the concept of the unbalanced homeostatic regulation underlying any pathology. To understand the idea of the involvement of all body systems in the seemingly "local" manifestations of a disease, and to realize the importance of the mind-body connections in the subjective and objective characteristics of an individual ailment and its influence on the process of sanogenesis (recovery). We will incorporate the most recent scientific data into the fundamentals of pathophysiology and discuss the classical typological problems like the etiology, diagnosis, clinical characteristics, treatment, and the prognosis of the condition. The pathological conditions that will be covered in this course include the infectious diseases and some immune disorders, the diseases of the reproductive, cardiovascular, respiratory, and urinary systems. Prerequisites: (BIOL 2281 or CHEM 2401 or equivalent) and BIOL 2312. ([1-3]-0) S