UT Dallas 2022 Undergraduate Catalog

ACTS4305 - Short Term Actuarial Mathematics II

ACTS 4305 Short Term Actuarial Mathematics II (3 semester credit hours) The purpose of this class is to develop the students' knowledge of the construction and selection of parametric frequency and aggregate models. The students will understand and be able to construct and estimate parameters for parametric models using Maximum Likelihood estimation techniques and perform model selection using graphical procedures, hypothesis tests, including Chi-square goodness-of-fit, Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Likelihood ratio (LRT) tests. This class covers parts of SOA Exams FAM and ASTAM; CAS Exams MAS I, MAS II and 5. Prerequisite: ACTS 4304 with a grade C- or higher or instructor consent required. (3-0) Y