UT Dallas 2022 Undergraduate Catalog

ACCT4301 - Database Systems

ACCT 4301 Database Systems (3 semester credit hours) This course introduces the basic concepts of relational databases. The emphasis is on relational database structure and the use of relational databases for query retrievals and report generation. Structured Query Language (SQL) will be covered extensively. Applications of databases for accounting, finance, marketing, and other areas of business will be discussed. ACCT 4301 or ITSS 4301 may not be used to satisfy BS INTS degree requirements. Prerequisites: (ACCT 2301 with a minimum grade of C) and (ACCT 2302 with a minimum grade of C) and ITSS 3300 and (MATH 1325 or MATH 2413 or MATH 2417). (Same as ITSS 4301) (3-0) Y