UT Dallas 2021 Undergraduate Catalog

UNIV3310 - Community-Engaged Service Learning

UNIV 3310 Community-Engaged Service Learning (3 semester credit hours) Community engaged learning can take several forms, including; service-learning, community-service, participatory research, and project-based scholarship. This interdisciplinary course aligns students with different community partners to affect social change. These collaborative relationships place a student's education in a broader context, immersing them in real-life issues that create shared relevancy. This form of experiential education enables students to grow through three distinct goals; academic learning, personal growth, and civic engagement. Each course section will have a different emphasis but will share a focus on the inter- and intra-personal development of 21st century skills, and reflective and reciprocal experiences. Community-engaged learning has been described as a transformative experience and identified as a high-impact practice in education. The course will integrate topic relevant reading and reflective writing assignments in a small-group setting. Credit/No Credit only. May be repeated as topics vary (9 semester credit hours maximum). Instructor consent required. (3-0) S