UT Dallas 2021 Undergraduate Catalog

School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication


Students must complete 18 semester credit hours for the minor, at least 12 of which must be upper-division semester credit hours. Students who take a minor will be expected to meet the normal prerequisites in courses making up the minor, and should maintain a minimum GPA of 2.000 on a 4.00 scale (C average). Semester credit hours may not be used to satisfy both the major and minor requirements; however, free elective semester credit hours or major preparatory classes may be used to satisfy the minor. The undergraduate minors in the School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication follow:

Minor in Ethnic Studies: 18 semester credit hours

Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary field that studies the histories, cultures, and intellectual and artistic traditions of people of color. It is concerned with ethnicity, race, indigeneity, racism, and resistance within the United States. It applies a critical lens to all academic knowledge domains, and, by centering previously marginalized perspectives, generates new approaches, knowledge, and methods in the study of the United States and beyond.

Required Course: 3 semester credit hours

ATCM 2325 Introduction to Ethnic Studies

Prescribed Electives: 15 semester credit hours

Students will need to take fifteen (15) additional semester credit hours from at least two of the distribution areas below.

A student may petition to count selected courses with significant ethnicity/race-related content that are not listed below. In such cases, students will have to commit to writing papers or completing final projects about ethnicity/race-related topics. Only one such course can be petitioned toward the minor.

Note: Because of pre-requisite requirements for some of the classes listed below, certain classes might not be available to all students depending on their major. Students should work with their advisors to complete their degrees and minors in as few hours as possible without going beyond their 120-degree semester credit hours.

Race, Ethnicity, and Culture:

AMS 2341 American Studies for the Twenty-First Century

AMS 3302 American Cultures

AMS 3322 American Ethnic Experience: Immigrants after 1945

AMS 4379 Special Topics in American Studies

ATCM 2321 Reading Media Critically

ATCM 2322 Media Histories

ATCM 3321 Networked Identities

ATCM 3325 Global Media Cultures

ATCM 4320 Political Economy of Digital Media

ATCM 4322 Disability, Technology, and Media

ATCM 4323 Feminism, Technology, and Media

ATCM 4325 Race, Technology, and Media

ATCM 4327 Privacy and Surveillance

LIT 2322 Survey of African-American and African Diaspora Literatures

LIT 2329 Introduction to Ethnic American Literature

The following classes may count toward the Race, Ethnicity, and Culture distribution area.1

ATCM 4334 Topics in Critical Media Studies

ATCM 4395 Advanced Topics in Arts, Technology, and Emerging Media

FILM 3325 Film Authorship

FILM 3342 Topics in Film

LIT 3316 The Literature of Science Fiction

LIT 3317 The Literature of Fantasy

LIT 3319 Contexts

LIT 3337 Comparisons

LIT 4329 Single Author

MUSI 3327 Music in Modern Culture

MUSI 3324 Jazz History: Roots to Swing

MUSI 3325 Jazz History: Modern Jazz Since BeBop

Race, Ethnicity, and Historical Perspectives:

HIST 2381 African-American History

HIST 3390 Twentieth Century African-American History

HIST 3392 U.S.- Mexico Borderlands

HIST 3394 Native American History from the Pre-Columbian Period through 1795

HIST 3395 Native American History in the Nineteenth Century

HIST 3396 Native Americans in the Twentieth Century

HIST 4345 Origins of the Jim Crow South

HIST 4357 Topics in African and African-American History

HIST 4369 Topics in Borderlands History

HIST 4386 Topics in the History of Race or Ethnicity

PHIL 4332 Philosophy of Race

The following classes may count toward the Race, Ethnicity, and Historical distribution area.1

ARHM 3342 Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies in the Arts and Humanities

FILM 3321 Film in Historical Context

HIST 3306 History of Racism

HIST 3366 Themes in the Social History of the United States

HIST 4376 Topics in History

HIST 4378 Topics in American History

HIST 4380 Topics in Intellectual History

Race, Ethnicity, Society, Politics:

CRIM 4315 Race, Ethnicity, and Justice

ECON 3337 Economics of Poverty and Inequality

GEOG 3384 or PA 3384 Sustainable Food and Place

PSCI 3303 Civil Liberties

PSCI 4364 Civil Rights Law and Society

SOC 3325 Race and Ethnicity

SOC 4302 Class, Status, and Power

The following classes may count toward the Race, Ethnicity, Society, Politics distribution area.1

PHIL 4324 Social and Political Philosophy

1. These are reviewed each semester by the Ethnic Studies Minor Committee.

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