UT Dallas 2021 Undergraduate Catalog

GEOS3470 - Structural Geology

GEOS 3470 Structural Geology (4 semester credit hours) Modern tectonic concepts, survey of major structural provinces, examination of material behavior, stress-strain concepts, failure criteria, soil mechanics, fault analysis, rheology, fold analysis and applications of structural concepts to neotectonics and environmental problems. Training in graphical techniques, use of stereographic projections, and geological map interpretation. Integrated lecture and laboratory course. Lab fee of $30 required. Prerequisites: GEOS 1103 and GEOS 1104 and GEOS 1303 and GEOS 1304 and GEOS 2409 and PHYS 2125 and PHYS 2126 and PHYS 2325 and PHYS 2326. (3-3) Y