UT Dallas 2021 Undergraduate Catalog

FIN4336 - Risk Control and Safety Engineering

FIN 4336 Risk Control and Safety Engineering (3 semester credit hours) Organizations are required to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for their most valuable asset - human capital. A risk control professional's role is to identify risks, measure potential losses, analyze data and recommend improvements. We focus on the organization's safety culture, protection of all assets and preserving the organization's resiliency through the reduction in the total cost of risk. Leading safety, environmental, emergency preparedness and security key performance indicators are studied, along with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans. Knowledge gained in this course may be applied to certain examinations for the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) professional designation. Prerequisite or Corequisite: FIN 3320 or FIN 3370 or RMIS 3370. (Same as RMIS 4336) (3-0) Y