UT Dallas 2021 Undergraduate Catalog

BMEN3220 - Electrical and Electronic Circuits in Biomedical Engineering Lab

BMEN 3220 Electrical and Electronic Circuits in Biomedical Engineering Lab (2 semester credit hours) Experiments in this course teach students the applications of and skills related to the following concepts: (i) Analysis methods and network theorems used to describe the operation of electric circuits, (ii) Electrical quantities, linear circuit elements, signal waveforms, transient and steady state circuit behavior, (iii) Diode, transistor, and op amp based circuits such as filters, amplifiers, rectifiers, etc., (iv) Modeling, analysis and simulation of electrical circuits in biomedical engineering, (v) PCB design and soldering, (vi) Microcontroller programming, (vii) Signal conditioning circuit design for microcontrollers, (viii) Integration of analog and digital sensors and peripherals with microcontrollers, (ix) Acquisition and analysis of biosignals, and processing both in analog and digital domains, (x) Design and implementation of embedded sensor systems for biomedical applications. Lab fee of $30 required. Prerequisites: MATH 2420 and PHYS 2326 and PHYS 2126. Corequisite or Prerequisite: CS 1324. (0-2) Y