UT Dallas 2021 Undergraduate Catalog

BIOL4330 - Advanced Research in Molecular and Cell Biology

BIOL 4330 Advanced Research in Molecular and Cell Biology (3 semester credit hours) This course aims to show students how to carry out original research and to teach them some practical approaches and techniques used in a research laboratory. Advanced research approaches and techniques will be used to investigate fundamental molecular and cellular processes in eukaryotic cells and organisms. Practical skills that will be taught and applied include the following: growth and monitoring of bacterial and yeast cultures, plasmid DNA isolation, restriction digest analysis, DNA cloning, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), bacterial and yeast transformation with DNA. Advanced techniques include fluorescent microscopy, beta-galactosidase, and fluorescent reporter assays, cancer cell cultures, protein extraction, protein purification, and immunohistochemistry. Lab fee of $30 required. Prerequisites: (BIOL 2281 or CHEM 2401 or equivalent) and BIOL 2311 and CHEM 2125. (1-5) S