UT Dallas 2021 Undergraduate Catalog

ARTS4308 - Image/Text

ARTS 4308 Image/Text (3 semester credit hours) An exploration of the visual possibilities inherent in the art of the text. Topics may include an investigation of techniques derived from bookmaking, printmaking, photography, computer imaging, painting, graphic design, or related media that foster the transformation and combination of words and images. The problem of creating text for presentation in a visual environment will be examined. May be repeated for credit as topics vary (6 semester credit hours maximum). Prerequisite: ARTS 3311 or ARTS 3313 or ARTS 3363 or ARTS 3366 or ARTS 3368 or ARTS 3369 or ARTS 3373 or ARTS 3371 or ARTS 3372 or ARTS 3376 or ARTS 3377 or ARTS 3379 or ARTS 3381 or ARTS 3382 or instructor consent required (0-3) Y