UT Dallas 2021 Graduate Catalog

BPS6360 - Management and Organizational Consulting: Theory and Practice

BPS 6360 Management and Organizational Consulting: Theory and Practice (3 semester credit hours) Management consulting now accounts for more than $120 billion in global annual revenues. In addition to these full-time consultants, more and more employees are also in roles of a consultative nature, as the knowledge-intensive nature of work increases. This course will begin with a review of the theoretical foundations of the client-consultant relationship, drawing from counseling psychology and other disciplines, then broaden to cover theories of Organizational Behavior, Organizational Learning and Strategy. Through various workshops and hands-on exercises, participants will apply these theories in a number of scenarios relevant for consulting. Special attention will be given to prepare students to become confident practitioners, by bridging the theory-practice gap in the practice of management and organizational consulting. Prerequisite: OB 6301. (3-0) T