UT Dallas 2021 Graduate Catalog

Graduate Policies and Procedures

Cooperative Arrangements

Concurrent Enrollment at Other Public Institutions of Higher Education

A student should obtain prior written approval from their school to ensure that a course taken at another institution while the student is concurrently registered at The University of Texas at Dallas will count toward the student's degree.

In accordance to Texas Education Code, Section 54.011, when a student registers at more than one public institution of higher education at the same time, the student shall pay the full tuition charge to the first institution at which the student is registered.

If, at the time of registration, a student can produce evidence of having already paid his or her tuition at another public institution of higher education in Texas, the student should present a copy of the fee receipt from that institution to the Bursar Office. For more information about fees for students enrolled concurrently at two institutions, contact the Bursar Office at bursar.utdallas.edu.

The University of Texas System

A concurrent enrollment agreement is in place between The University of Texas at Dallas, The University of Texas at Arlington, and The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. This agreement allows any student enrolled concurrently between these institutions to receive a waiver of certain fees. Students must be enrolled in at least one semester credit hour at their home institution to be considered concurrently enrolled. Students must apply for concurrent enrollment with The Office of the Registrar in the Student Services Building, first floor customer service area.

Visiting Student Program

The UT System Visiting Student Program is designed to allow a graduate or professional student enrolled in an institution of the UT System to take courses or engage in research at another institution within the System during a regular semester or summer session. A UT Dallas graduate student, who has been admitted to a degree program at UT Dallas, must have completed a minimum of 15 semester credit hours at UT Dallas and be in academic good standing in order to be eligible to participate in the visiting student program. Courses to be taken under this visiting student program must have prior approval of the student's degree program advisor. An approved Leave of Absence also is required. A visiting student registers and pays tuition and required fees at his/her home institution and is given normal privileges associated with available student services at the exchange institution. A visiting student is subject to the rules and regulations of both institutions. Each UT System institution has designated an individual to coordinate and approve graduate or professional visiting students. Interested UT Dallas students should contact the Office of the Dean of Graduate Education for additional information, 972-883-2234, or go to the Office of Graduate Studies website. A student at other UT System schools wishing to take courses at UT Dallas under this visiting student program should contact and work through the graduate dean at the home institution.

Texas A&M University System

A cooperative arrangement between The University of Texas System and the Texas A&M University System allows a graduate student at one institution to use unique facilities or courses at the other institution with a minimum of administrative paperwork. The graduate student registers and pays tuition and fees at the home institution.

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