UT Dallas 2021 Graduate Catalog

School of Arts and Humanities

Art History


The program leading to the MA in Art History introduces students to a global history of art by way of close engagement with artworks.  Coursework and independent practicum projects will draw upon public and private collections throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth area as well as the innovative and interdisciplinary research initiatives of our scholars.  By exploring a broad range of material across geography, chronology, and medium, students will develop a strong foundation in historiography, theory, and professional practices.

The intensive sixteen-month program (four semesters) is designed as a rigorous, immersive experience for that will launch graduates directly into top doctoral programs or arts careers.


Professors: John J. Pomara, Charissa N. Terranova, Michael Thomas, Marilyn Waligore

Associate Professor: Mark Rosen

Clinical Associate Professor: Lorraine Tady

Clinical Assistant Professor: Sarah Kozlowski

Research Professor: Bonnie Pitman

Master of Arts in Art History

36 semester credit hours minimum

Coursework: 36 semester credit hours

Major Core Courses: 6 semester credit hours

AHST 6301 Foundations I: Practices of Art History1

AHST 6302 Foundations II: History of Materials and Techniques1

Electives in Art History (AHST): 15 semester credit hours

Choose five courses from the following:

AHST 6310 Topics in Art History

AHST 6311 Topics in Architecture and Landscape Architecture

AHST 6312 Topics in Sculpture

AHST 6313 Topics in Painting

AHST 6314 Topics in Works on Paper

AHST 6315 Topics in the History of Design

AHST 6316 Topics in Decorative Arts

AHST 6317 Topics in the History of New Media

AHST 6320 Topics in the History of Collecting

AHST 6321 Topics in Global Art Histories

AHST 6322 Topics in Data-Driven Art History

AHST 6323 Topics in the Histories of Art and Science

With permission of the advisor, up to six semester credit hours of Electives may be in VPAS or ATCM courses.

Practicum: 15 semester credit hours

Having completed at least eighteen semester credit hours of coursework, the final project is completed over two consecutive long semesters. Students design and carry out an original project in the form of a scholarly essay, a small exhibition, a collaboration with a practicing artist, a conservation project, archival research, or a data-driven art history project.

AHST 6V99 Practicum

1. Students are expected to complete AHST 6301 amd AHST 6302 within their first semester of enrollment.

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