UT Dallas 2021 Undergraduate Catalog


HUMA 1301 (HUMA 1301) Exploration of the Humanities (3 semester credit hours) An introduction to the concept of cultural tradition through the study of selected works of literature, philosophy, music, and visual art. Emphasis on the relations among various forms of cultural expression and developing students' ability to interpret complex artistic works in their historical, cultural, and intellectual contexts. General education core course. (3-0) S

HUMA 3342 Topics in the Humanities (3 semester credit hours) May be repeated for credit as topics vary (9 semester credit hours maximum). Prerequisite: Completion of 040 core. (3-0) R

HUMA 3351 Introduction to Islamic Culture (3 semester credit hours) Islamic culture has influenced science, art, literature, and ethics. This course will cover the contributions that Islam has made to the world, in addition to reviewing Islamic history and traditions. (Same as RELS 3351) (3-0) Y

HUMA 4V71 Independent Study in the Humanities (1-3 semester credit hours) Independent study under a faculty member's supervision. Signature of instructor and Associate Dean on proposed project outline required. May be repeated for credit (9 semester credit hours maximum). Prerequisites: Upper-division standing and instructor consent required. ([1-3]-0) R