UT Dallas 2013 Graduate Catalog

SCI5330 - Emerging Topics in Biology

SCI 5330 Emerging Topics in Biology (3 semester hours) The media frequently announce biology advancements and research that affect human health, basic living needs, and biology education without critical analysis, often resulting in confusing the public and curtailing scientific literacy. Examination of resources and methods to critically evaluate biological information and scientific articles for sound theory development, research methods, and practical application. Topics include recent discoveries in the life sciences that meet the needs of society, health, and environmental issues. Although the topics build on emerging issues, they may include content areas such as cell and molecular biology, agriculture, epidemiology, and global warming. Students will examine effective ways to bring in new curricula into established course settings. Advanced curriculum writing component focused on science literacy. Viewpoints include those of biological research scientists, health professionals, and science education researchers. (3-0) T