UT Dallas 2013 Graduate Catalog

ENTP6360 - Start-up Launch I

ENTP 6360 Start-up Launch I (3 semester hours) Start-up Launch is designed to refine and validate a specific business concept and facilitate an informed decision to proceed, pivot or terminate the venture. The course will be taught in the Venture Development Center and will utilize a structured customer discovery/validation methodology requiring early customer engagement and the development and validation of a comprehensive business model. Key assumptions will be validated utilizing various approaches, including primary and secondary market research, interviews with prospective customers and other industry participants, and field testing of Minimum Viable Products. Students will be guided by faculty and mentored by actual entrepreneurs selected on the basis of their industry expertise. Office space and/or laboratory facilities in the Venture Development Center may be applied for. Students or student teams will be selected and enrolled on the basis of a business concept proposal approved by the faculty. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor. (3-0) R