UT Dallas 2013 Graduate Catalog

ACCT6377 - Corporate Governance

ACCT 6377 Corporate Governance (3 semester hours) Corporate governance is a system of policies and processes established and maintained by a board of directors and top management to oversee an organization's strategic activities and resulting performance. The system seeks to ensure proper accountability, probity, and openness in the conduct of an organization's business for the long-term benefit of its shareholders by causing the right questions to be asked and by placing checks and balances in place to ascertain the answers reflect reality. Thus, corporate governance focuses on enhancing the relationships among a company's board of directors, top management, investors (particularly institutional investors), and other stakeholders. Each session has two themes: issues are addressed academically by the instructor and pragmatically by prominent practitioners. Prerequisites: ACCT 6201 and ACCT 6202. Course open to all JSOM masters' candidates. (3-0) S